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  • Coming Soon The CHEK conservatory

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You’re a journalist from the year 2077 who reports on games. One afternoon, your iView projection flashes a message from an unknown sender marked VIP. You gesture to view the message:


Alice_Walton-ShingDear Sir or Madam,

You have been selected as a VIP guest for the exclusive media beta-test of the latest CHRONOVENTURES product!

CHRONOVENTURES Inc. invites you to participate in the first ever augmented, paradox-free ChronoZone™ time travel experience as a celebrity/media beta-tester. This VIP invitation gives you access to our full Retro Gaming weekend package where you’ll enjoy an immersive 2015 gaming experience – it will be as if you were really there! Our patent-pending ChronoZone™ environments provide (and we’re confident you’ll agree!) the best time travel experience.

Beta VIP attendees will also have the chance to win a grand prize for solving puzzle-games available throughout the weekend. The Grand Prize will be awarded at the end of the weekend before the beta session ends.

Please be at landing tube B1-99 in Victoria, BC on Friday, February 27th at 8AM, 2077 in order to take advantage of this generous offer.


Alice Waston-Singh

Another gesture and you minimize the message to get back to work. But after a few unfocused fruitless minutes you bring the message back up again.

“CHRONOVENTURES,” you think aloud “Did I read about them recently on Reddit- “

After doing a quick cursory search, you find that this CHRONOVENTURES launch is a pretty hot ticket and decide that you’ll reschedule your lunch with friends for another weekend. You hold your credit card against your wrist for a moment to approve your new travel plans and then sit back to daydream about your forthcoming minibreak to “2015”.


Scan, respond, socialize and solve clues using your mobile devices at GottaCon 2015 to unravel the story behind the launch of future corporation CHRONOVENTURES’ Retro Gaming Experience Beta. Preregistered gamers who have already signed up for the game’s email list could receive an email as early as February 15th with pregame story.

The 2015 Augmented Reality Game will run from Friday 9AM – Sunday 6PM and can be played in between regular game slots. There are a few timed story events that become available to gamers who solve the correct clues. The game is designed so that new players can join throughout the weekend, but cutoff for registration will be 12PM on Sunday.

*Players will need access to a smart phone or device with wifi, camera, GPS, and AR reader Layar as well as a SMS data plan for the full game experience. Basic player requirements are access to email, a mobile browser and a way to read QR codes. It is possible to “win” the game’s prize with basic requirements.

Sign up now for the CHRONOVENTURES ARG by clicking on this link or by scanning the QR code below.


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The CHRONOVENTURES ARG Hosting and Design Is Sponsored By:

Skookum Monkey

This is a role playing game designed for the GottaCon 2015 Gaming Convention. All characters and speculative futures appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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