Our Partners: CHEK

Our Partners: CHEK

In 2015, CHEK had been serving the Vancouver Island for more than 50 years. It was the first private TV station in BC, and became the first employee-owned station inNorth America! In September 2009, with overwhelming support from communities across Vancouver Island, CHEK employees and Island investors purchased the station to ensure the Island’s most watched news remained on-air. In recognition, the employees of CHEK were honoured with a national award for Journalistic Integrity by the Canadian Journalism Foundation. That unshakable history allowed CHEK to weather the many changes in infomedia over the next 20 years as many large-corporate media outlets failed to keep up with the changing consumer expectations both in technology and journalistic integrity. Their independence allowed them to pursue many community-focused initiatives and they weathered the country’s economic crisis following the great Canadian Oil Crash.

In 2035, the Weaver Society for Positive Environmental Change began a groundbreaking project in order to counteract the undeniable biotic event facing the planet: species extinction. As colonization of Mars was now in full swing, many groups had taken on the challenge to promote positive environmental growth in the face of the mathematical reality* that 30% of the Earth’s species would be extinct in the next 70 years. Victoria was home to many of the foremost experts on the subject having just opened a new cloning and biodevelopment building on the UVIC campus. The project was designed to recreate and reintroduce species following decades of extinction. The WSPEC partnered with CHEK, the local award-winning infomedia (the evolution of traditional news media) group to promote the local initiatives on the island and were instrumental in promoting the project in British Columbia.

The once beautiful Butchart Gardens had fallen upon economic crisis but was revitalized by the infomedia group to become the first new habitat site for the repopulation of local species and was renamed the CHEK conservatory at Butchart Gardens. Sister project were in the works.

Then, in 2041, a long foretold tragedy struck. After decades of seismic prognostication by geoscientists, the infamously nicknamed “Big One”, a huge off-the-charts earthquake occurred at 4AM local time on March 8th, 2041. While the earthquake had a negative impact along the mainland coast (and among several of the smaller islands along the straight), Vancouver Island pulled together and received international commendation for it’s emergency response teams and it’s award winning coverage by CHEK. CHEK saw huge media traffic numbers which ultimately benefited the WSPEC who was regularly available for environmental commentary and recommendation.

With their new found popularity in the Pacific Northwest as an environmental infomedia resource and innovator, CHEK used their considerable media influence in 2055 to launch an international awareness program for ecological emergency responses based on the initiatives used in Victoria, BC, and 15 more CHEK conservatories opened across Cascadia (now a political entity of it’s own).

In 2075, CHEK acquired the historical building Crystal Gardens, once a tourist centre in the heart of downtown Victoria. A press release is published announcing their partnership with CHRONOVENTURES INC to develop an augmented tourism and educational experience designed to allow users the chance to interact with extinct species in a virtual conservatory. The project had taken two years to build as it is a fully LEED project with screens and phased acoustical arrays built into every surface.

As part of a series of events planned for the launch of the project in 2077, CHRONOVENTURES is hosting their beta ChronoZone™ experience in the CHEK Crystal Conservatory to a select VIP list. The CHEK Crystal Conservatory will open later this year. View the Press Release for the forthcoming project here!

This is a role playing game designed for the GottaCon 2015 Gaming Convention. All characters and speculative futures appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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