Our Partners: Times Colonist

Our Partners: Times Colonist

In 2015, the Victoria Times Colonist was the oldest daily newspaper (infomedia printed daily on real paper) in Western Canada. It was created by the 1980 merger of the British Colonist, which started in 1858, and the Victoria Daily Times, which began publishing in 1884. They had been recognized numerous time provincially and nationally with awards for its investigative reporting, editorials and beat coverage over many decades and when infonews moved into a digital format at the turn of the century, the Times Colonist (as the timescolonist.com) continued to deliver multimedia content to Vancouver Islanders.

In 2018, the Times Colonist was one of 4 international infomedia groups chosen as the official publishers of the Mars One missions. Representing Canada (and later the North Amercian Union in 2023), the Times Colonist made infonews history by including their Media Synthetic Intelligence (colloquially known as Missy) as the info-anchor of Colony® the first Martian news broadcast on the first manned mission to Mars in 2024. Colony® and Missy provided media streams back to Earth (with a 6-10 minute stream delay) and was an essential part in connecting the Mars One crew with home for more than a decade. In 2030, the Times Colonist Group established the Earth Times Colonist, a infomedia stream designed to keep the NAU on earth connected with the space program while the Mars Times Colonist was formed to cover news as it happened in the new permanent settlement on Mars.

In 2039, the Luna Times Colonist was founded to expand coverage to the new MoonBase Two project. The original plans included sending CHRONOVENTURES synthetic humanoids as the first ever team of synthetic journalists in space, but the legal issues between CHRONOVENTURES and Weyland Industries dragged on past launch, the Luna Times instead sent Missy-2, a sister system to the original space faring synthetic intelligence that lived within the craft and permanent structures built on the Moon. 3 years before the PRISH (CHRONOVENTURES’ first commercial synthetic humanoid) was made publically available, SRISH (Science Reporter Intelligence/Synthetic Humanoid; nicknamed Suresh) was sent along with a team of scientists to report on the NASA terraforming initiative on the Moon.

In 2051, the terraforming project suffered multiple delays and the completion of the intended permanent human colony was far from certain. In the first collaboration between CHRONOVENTURES and Weyland (now Weyland Global Corp.) in more than 2 decades, a synthetic humanoid workforce was sent to assist with the lagging terraforming project. The historic meeting between SRISH and the fleet of synthetic workers was widely broadcast and became the top watched reality show on Earth and Mars (produced by Sonic Voyage) for the next 4 years.

In 2056, the ETC established the ETC outpost on Devon Island, where a growing number of facilities were being built to help future colonists prepare for their extraterrestrial life. As one of the few pro-android facilities in New Boreum, the ETC outpost was incredibly popular and by 2058 the waiting list was more than 450,000 names long (with expected wait times stretching a generation).

In 2075, the Earth Times Colonist was one of 23 infomedia outlets targeted by the hacker group known as Purrv.0. While many of those targeted were down for multiple weeks, desperately trying to rebuild and circumvent the hacker’s DDOS attacks, the ETC benefited from its interplanetary network and was able to provide coverage on the attacks from a unique insider perspective. The infomedia group won dozens of awards for their reporting and it was the featured subject of the documentary Uninterrupted Signal, which went on to win the Best Feature Award at the 92nd IDA Documentary Awards in 2076.

The Times Colonist Group (TCG) provides unflinching infomedia from their historic base in Victoria, Cascadia, the ETC outpost in New Boreum, NAU Territories, The Suresh Centre in the Armstrong Outpost, Shackleton Crater and from their NTC outpost in Landis, Chasma.


This is a role playing game designed for the GottaCon 2015 Gaming Convention. All characters and speculative futures appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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