Beta Weekend

Thank you for your interest in the Retro Gaming Weekend: Beta Weekend. We appreciate your RSVPing to our invitation. Please note that this exclusive Beta Test was only sent out to prominent infomedia writers and arlog reporters – you are the ones who know this field best and your opinion matters to us!

We have a limited number of beta spots available, so be sure to secure your seat today.

What the weekend entails:
Beta Testers are invited to join us on February 27th at 8AM, 2077 to get exclusive access to the CHRONOZONE beta weekend. The event will run in real time for 8 hours, but players will experience the simulated time running for 3 days (Friday – Sunday). Once connected to our simulated environment, players will have the chance to walk around the grounds of the Victoria Conference Centre as well as the historic Crystal Gardens as they looked in 2015! The simulated environment has been populated with the historically accurate gaming convention “GottaCon” as recorded by, and extrapolated from, nNet information from the GoogleOpen database.

Beta Testers will have the opportunity to “game” as if they were attending the convention in 2015. CHRONOVENTURES synthetic humanoids and intelligence populate the environment so players are encouraged to interact with any and all NPCs they may encounter on the grounds. Certain activities have been added to the convention environment to


The CHRONOZONE superior experience.

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This is a role playing game designed for the GottaCon 2015 Gaming Convention. All characters and speculative futures appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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