Press Release: ZOTAC innovation breathes new life into the historical building.

Press Release: ZOTAC innovation breathes new life into the historical building.

CHEK Crystal Conservatory & ChronoZone™ Vacations Beta Experience: Launching November 1st, 2077

Victoria, BC, Cascadia – CHEK, Cascadia’s premiere infomedia group, is proud to be launching a new facility in in the downtown core of historic Victoria: the CHEK Crystal Conservatory. The new CHEK Crystal Conservatory will be a fully interactive, virtual menagerie brought to life using ZOTAC simCard techology which will allow persons of all ages to experience life across the ages surrounded by extinct animal species and their human ancestors. The facility uses CHRONOVENTURES’ newly announced ChronoZone™ technology to create a fully immersive experience and echoes the groundbreaking holographic experience first seen at the 2024 Olympics. But instead of being livestreamed, the environment and sythethic animal intelligence will be rendered by ZOTAC’s patented simCard technology.

The facility will use more than 21,000 m2 (230,000 ft2) of screens and phased acoustical arrays powered by ZOTAC simCards to allow for a full surround experience while still allowing visitors to use their WANDA and AR viewer devices to interact with the rendered environment.

The conservatory will be open to the public following a series of VIP launch events planned for 2077 following with the formal launch of ChronoZone™ (hosted in the new facility) in February that year. An event is also planned in March to coincide with the Royal BC Museum’s Dinosaurs in Time exhibition opening in April 2077.

Be sure to follow all missives and vidStreams on this exciting new edutraction.

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