Introducing CHRONOZONE™ the new way to vacation! Using the nNet open databases from the past 50 years, CHRONOVENTURES is providing customers with a simulated reality experience like none other. It’s not just based on the past, IT IS THE PAST!


CHRONOZONE vacations will be available at all major travel and leisure centres in major metropolitan centres as well as at CHRONOVENTURE facilities across the globe. Our AVR™ pods will provide travellers with a fully immersive system that will allow them to interact with their environments seamlessly in simulated time. Take a month’s vacation in 3 days!

Choose from a dozen prerendered environments:

By using ZOTAC® simCard technology, CHRONOVENTURES is able to bring a real time simulation that is rendered from actual nNet memory profiles. While we provide both fantasy and reality based experiences, our CHRONOZONE™ packages are extrapolated from real destinations using memory profiles from people who have actually lived it! We’ve collaborated with hundreds of authors, artists and travel writers around the globe to create the most authentic experience available today.

Retro Gaming Experience: Now in BETA

beta_weekend_bannerBeta Testers will have the opportunity to “game” as if they were attending the convention in 2015. CHRONOVENTURES synthetic humanoids and intelligence populate the environment so players are encouraged to interact with any and all NPCs they may encounter on the grounds. Certain activities have been added to the convention environment to award points to players who are engaging with the Beta Weekend experience in order to compete for the GottaCon ARG GRAND PRIZE (brought to you by ZOTAC®).

Sign up now to participate in the GottaCon ARG experience: Beta Weekend. Space is limited and preference will be given to prominent infomedia writers and arlog journalists. Apply now!

007 Adventures: 1953-2053 Centennial Experience


Coming soon.

Ghost Towns of Earth: A Historically Rendered Experience


Coming soon.

Beaches: Experience the Lost Coastline Gems of the Last Century

Coming soon.

 Choose your own vacation adventure.

Coming soon.


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