When Google Glass became commercially available, the augmented companion market was an untapped market begging to be mined by talented game and effects lab technicians. Chronoventures can trace it’s origins, and success, to our first ever foray into augmented reality: the iView.

The iView used Game AI/heuristic algorithms to build an actual character onto the users word view by projecting a 2D avatar only visible to the user. This system symplified and personalized the augmented reality experience making the system more accessible to any user. The PRiSH algorithm library was originally a synthetic intelligence subscription service for websites. The iView allowed some avatar modification of the PRiSH model and functionalty was later expanded to allow for a marketplace of 3rd party avatar designers and algomods.

When SadTech’s bioweave became commercially available, the Google Glass technology was ultimately abandoned for iGraphing biotechnology. The iView’s gestural user interface and synthetic intelligence remains a popular, open source plugin available for download on multiple platforms. The iView is the default GGUI for the WANDA.

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