The CHRONOVENTURES eStore is backwards compatible back to the first generation of WANDA running iView v6.3.1. To complete a transaction online, please place WANDA/compatible WPDA within the payment area to commence the sale. Your local subnormal will finalize the transaction.




Public Relations intelligence and Synthetic Humanoid.

PRiSH: Website Subscrition


prish_webIf you’re looking for a customer service solution that is dependable and experienced, look no further. PRiSH has been doing what she does best for more than 50 years and has what it takes to help you improve your customer experience and conversion rate.

PRiSH as a website AI can be purchased as a monthly subscription and can be modded to match your branding!

Contact us today for a trial and estimate!

To download PRiSH for Google Retina, blink three times.

PRiSH for WANDA Avatar Upgrade


In 2037, CHRONOVENTURES hit the retail market with their WANDA Having launched their iView interface application for Google Glass more than a decade earlier, CHRONOVENTURES hit the ground running with their WANDA interface fully integrated into every major augmented system.

However, market research eventually showed that consumers felt overwhelmed by all of the information available through in the augmented space and struggled to make real-world connections. The WANDA (and it’s predecesor iView) both helped users filter and modify their augmented space via a personalized synthetic intelligence, and encouraged users to reinvest in human to human interaction. PRiSH for WANDA can either be used as an extension within your existing augmented space or can be programmed to run in correlation with any digital marketing.

Download the PRiSH avatar pack for your WANDA 3.0 today. PRiSH for WANDA is designed to plan and manage your personal public relations and is backwards compatible to WANDA 1.0. PRiSH can also be downloaded for the Fitbit iBand and Apple’s iGraph series.

PRiSH is designed for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals.

PRiSH Synthethic Humanoid: Consumer Model (Coming Soon to eStore)

Coming Soon!


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