The world’s most popular and safest Wrist Digital Assistant

How to install your new WANDA WPDA 3.0


wanda_sq1. Do not wash wrist but gently pad dry.

2. Place the clear sheet containing WANDA growth pad against your wrist. Line up the guide markers to match as closely as possible to your wrist.

3. Press down on the CHRONOVENTURES circular icon at the centre of the WANDA growth pad and hold for 2 minutes. When the pad is ready to be removed from the sheet, you will feel it start to slide away.

4. Your WANDA growth pad is now ready to be used; however, it will take 5-12 days for the WANDA to fully heal. Keep the growth pad clean but do not scrub. The growth pad will eventually disappear leaving your new expansion ports accessible. The WANDA is fully integrated when the four small subdermal points are hard. WANDA is now available. Begin configuring WANDA by greeting it by name and saying “setup”.

5. Accessorize your WANDA will compatible jewelry, synthsuitsTM and other wearable tech.

History of the WANDA – The world’s most popular and safest Wrist Digital AssistantTM.

In 2037, CHRONOVENTURES hit the retail market with their WANDA – a wearable Synthetic Intelligence that both functioned as a health monitor and personal assistant.

The wearable health monitor had become popular in North America 2014 and saw the meteoric rise of super biotech companies such as Fitbit (who merged with Xeon Pharmaseudicals in 2016) when the after market for older models were repurposed to 3rd world countries. The technology began to link individuals globally, creating a real digital impression of a largely unconnected parts of the world.  That combined with the eventual launch of Google Glass signified a new evolution for human interaction: augmented space.

However, market research eventually showed that consumers felt overwhelmed by all of the information available through in the augmented space and struggled to make real-world connections. The WANDA (and it’s predecesor iView) both helped users filter and modify their augmented space via a personalized synthetic intelligence, and encouraged users to reinvest in human to human interaction. The WANDA avatar is a social protocol companion and becomes more sophisticated the more you interact with others and their WANDA. It can learn new tricks!

The WANDA (Wrist Assistant: Neural + Digital Administration) came onto the market along with a flood of inferior WPDA models (wrist PDA) following the breakthrough by SadTech that same year. SadTech’s discoveries and published patents on synthetic conductive fabrics and nanobiotechnology allowed progressive companies to access and profit from the secondary app market. Fitbit and Chronoventures support a large marketplace for 3rd party mods and apps for WPDA worldwide.

The WANDA 1.0 was a synthetic bioweave that would be installed at your doctor’s office to connect your nervous system to any compatible wrist reader. Early versions of WANDA included a small interface and microphone and relied heavily on 3rd party peripherals such as Google Glass and Fitbits iBand or a tablet computer interface for set-up and interaction.

WANDA 2.0 took advantages of GoogleOpen’s newly released database of memory grids which had been discovered following a decade of mapping and collecting data collected by the nNet. The memory grid project released anonymous profiles which contained fitness and wellness data as well as journal, blogging, neural mapping via bioweave and nanowear WPAs, permission based audio recordings and conversations through the interface. For the first time ever, a life could be mapped like a memory with data extrapolated from real lives. The PRiSH 1.0 ran on the WANDA 2.0 and remains a default skin for all new WANDAs sold.

WANDA 3.0: The future is in YOU!

Working with globally renowned fashion designer Jonathan Evi, the WANDA was both aesthetically pleasing and safe to implant at home. Over the past 30 years, CHRONOVENTURES has continued to devise new ways to integrate SI technology into our lives and push the technology along with humanity’s boundaries.

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